Что ждёт молочные продукты в будущем?
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This was announced by the Chairman of the Association of cattle breeders of Ukraine Irina Palamar in her blog.

According to her, this document will move the issue forward, and the joint activities towards the development of exports will go on more actively.

"The issue of export of livestock products today is one of the most critical and relevant to producers. One of the key issues is the importance of opening the market of Turkey to exporters of cattle from the point of view of geographic proximity; the establishment and equipment of border inspection posts in other ports of Ukraine except the one in Nikolaev. Developing procedures for the quarantine of animals: to develop guidelines or other relevant documents on the quarantine and certification, to provide training to territorial authorities regarding the inspection of animals at quarantine, to explain how to issue a veterinary certificate and the like. We talked about the need for changes in the provisions of the existing veterinary certificate, which are not relevant and adapted to modern realities, optimization of fees for the inspection of animals, etc." said Palamar.

She noted that all questions were submitted to the joint working meeting of the Ministry of Agriculture and the State Service of Ukraine on food safety and consumer protection which took place on 3 August 2017.

The meeting was quite productive, which cannot but rejoice. We decided that from now on, all professional associations will work together with the State Service of Ukraine on food safety and consumer protection regarding export. On a quarterly basis we will share information about product line of our members, we will work together to find potential importers of livestock products, markets, to systematize all the information. That is, direct contact, joint work has started," concluded Irina Palamar.

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Что ждет молочные продукты в будущем?

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