Есть ли в Украине проблема фальсификата? Есть. Такая ли она ужасающая, как кажется? — разбирается The DairyNews
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This was announced by Deputy Minister of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine Elena Kovaleva during a visiting session of the agricultural Committee to Novovolynsk of Volyn region.

The Deputy Minister stressed that switching to this system will improve the quality of Ukrainian products and facilitate the entry of producers into international markets.

"Regarding food safety, the law No. 1602, which declares that all operators of the food market need to implement a system of HACCP (system of food safety management) in three stages, has been adopted. The latest "deadline" is before 1 January 2019. Even small livestock producers have to implement it. The Ministry of agrarian policy and food is organizing free seminars in all regions, if necessary, please contact", — said Elena Kovaleva.

The Deputy Minister also said that now the export of livestock products is still negligible.

So, for 4 months of 2017 to foreign markets there were supplied agricultural products to the amount of 6.03 $ billion (32% more than for the same period in 2016). However, these records are primarily the merit of plant growers. So, they sold grain to foreign markets for the amount of $ 3 billion, which is 2.4 $ billion more than in January–April last year. But food products of animal origin is 10 times less — only for 304.4 $ million. However, it is still more than in the same period last year (154.1%).

According to the MP ("Self-assistance"), a member of the agrarian Committee Ivan Miroshnichenko, today one needs to solve the problems of livestock comprehensively and not pointwise.

"There is a big gap between different sectors of the livestock industry in Ukraine. On the one hand, introducing absolutely first-class technologies and advanced companies operate in the production of poultry meat and eggs, a decent level of industrial production of pork (Danish, French and Canadian technologies). On the other hand — a complete disaster in the processing of beef, lamb, sheep. The demand is very limited and, consequently, the production of turkeys, ducks and geese. Modest success is in the dairy area: unfortunately, there are only single individual, but not systemic projects. Therefore, the puzzle of Ukrainian livestock is composed partially and we still have to make a lot in a right way to reach the holistic development of the image," he says.

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Есть ли в Украине проблема фальсификата? Есть. Такая ли она ужасающая, как кажется? — разбирается The DairyNews.
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