Всё для Китая
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These preliminary calculations are given by Zhukovsky, based on the experience of development of organic production in the EU.

"In France, in order to grow organic parsley or dill, you need to use 60% more people than for conventional products. This fact amazes me. I think in Ukraine it is also possible to use 60% more of the rural population. This will be one of the best ways of revival of the village," suggests Chairman of the Supervisory Board group of companies "Ethnoproduct".

He adds that he wants the Ukrainian authorities to react severely to those producers that do not have honest attitude to the production of organic products.

"I would also like to remember those young farmers who went to the village. Recently there was a disturbing call from one of manufacturers of currant. He regretted not being able to sell the products. Therefore, it is also another very important aspect to help young people who returned to the village to find markets," – said Zhukovsky.

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Британские сыровары возрождают традицию «крещения» сыром

Все для Китая. А особенно мясо и молоко.

Китай уже не первый год движется к званию импортера №1 для целого ряда продукции. Исключением не стало молоко и мясо. Что это значит для мировых экспортеров и Украины узнавало The DairyNews.
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