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This was reported by the analyst of the Association of milk producers (AMP), Yana Muzychenko, reports The DairyNews.

In August prices in Ukraine also rose. The market price was on increased trend. This was especially true for milk of extra grade. In August the price was 8.65 UAH/kg including VAT. This is 46.4% higher compared to the price last year.

The price of the highest grade milk in August was 41.7% higher than last year and amounted to 8.16 UAH/kg. For first grade milk processors paid is 7.87 UAH/kg (+38.6%).

The price increase became possible due to active export trade and, accordingly, due to increased demand for milk. The world prices for butter continue to grow, that gives an opportunity for Ukrainian processors to work for export and pay a higher price for milk. In addition, the industry is already actively preparing for autumn and winter — everyone understands that there won’t be enough milk and tries to make a "margin of safety".

The price increase affected the shops. The price of dairy products in August has grown, but only a little. In comparison with July the price for milk with fat content 2.5% increased by 40 kopecks to UAH 23.92, butter increased by 88 kopecks – 187.90 UAH/kg, and cheese — by 30 kopecks – 168.32 UAH/kg.

Drinking yogurt rose in price most of all — by one and a half hryvnia and cost 48.68 UAH/kg.

Based on global trends one should expect that in the first half of September the price of milk will grow and add about 4-5% (based on milk of extra grade).

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