Всё для Китая
Джерело: The DairyNews
This is reported by The DairyNews with reference to the press service of the Lvov regional state administration.
The German experts visited the farm "Merinos-West" in Drogobych district, the farm belonging to Bogdan Kogut in Gorodok district and FG "Radwan Nova" in Pustomyty district.
During the joint meeting, the Director of the Department of agroindustrial development of Lvov regional state administration Natalia Hvorost stressed the importance of Ukrainian-German cooperation on exchange of experience in the field of livestock, particularly of sheep.

In turn, Gunther Arnold Runov said that in the near future some joint projects can be implemented.

"During the meeting Lvov region has enlisted the support on obtaining permission to export products to the EU, in particular to Germany. In case of signing contracts farmers of the district who are involved in sheep breeding get constant and reliable European market", — stated in the message. 

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Британские сыровары возрождают традицию «крещения» сыром

Все для Китая. А особенно мясо и молоко.

Китай уже не первый год движется к званию импортера №1 для целого ряда продукции. Исключением не стало молоко и мясо. Что это значит для мировых экспортеров и Украины узнавало The DairyNews.
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