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This opinion was expressed by a Canadian farmer, a native of Ukraine, adviser to the head of the Association of farmers and private landowners of Ukraine Denis Kovalskiy. 

We will remind that since August 1 a free trade area between Ukraine and Canada began to operate. The agreement cancelled 98% of tariffs on Ukrainian goods, which will be sold in Canada. For Canadian goods 72% of tariffs were immediately cancelled, and for 7 years duty-free exports will increase up to 98%.

According to him, this will help Ukrainian farmers to come to Canada to work and gain experience.

I don’t think that there can be some free trade without opening borders for people. There must be a free flow of labour between Ukraine and Canada," said Kovalskiy.

He believes that if there had been a visa-free regime with Canada, USA, Europe 10-15 years ago for Ukrainians, so that young people had the opportunity to travel, they would think differently now.

Ukraine also needs the Canadian technology. In Canada a lot of good machines for minimum cultivation are produced. We also don't have good brynza. It's not much, but it can be a start point," concluded Denis Kovalskiy.

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