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On the farm, which is included in a dairy cooperative, they are implementing the project “Development of dairy business in Ukraine”, which is being carried out under financial and technical support from the government of Canada and with the support of Lviv agricultural Advisory services (LAAS – chief Ivan Pan'kov).

In May 2017 the representatives of the government of Canada, farmers of Quebec, representatives of LAAS, participants of the project from other districts of Lviv region came to see the implementation of the project on the farm.

Nikolay Bogov told what they managed to do during the implementation of the project in collaboration with advisors, specialists, local authorities. The cooperative is just starting its activity on the territory of Berezhnitsa village Council, six families who keep one cow have already joined the cooperative, and the family farm of Vladimir Dits where they have four dairy cows is also a part of the cooperative. Family farms are a separate project that also receives support from the government of Canada. Now, villagers are observing the work of the cooperative, gaining experience. It is expected that another 12 families will join the cooperative. We know that this cooperative is being formed in the neighboring village Zhuravkiv, where some organizational work has been already started. 

“The project, implemented by the government of Canada, helped us with equipment: there was installed a milking parlor for simultaneous milking of 6 cows, refrigeration unit, and the electric fence has been purchased. In addition, we are investing considerable own resources. Not less important is the fact that we have received the knowledge and skills of farming and cooperative business, the specialists of Lviv Agrarian Advisory services helped us,” says the farmer.

Thanks to modern equipment the cows are milked right on the pasture, which takes 3-4 minutes per cow. During milking, the milk is coming directly into the refrigerator, where it is cooled to 4 degrees Celsius. Milk can be stored in the refrigeration unit up to two days. But every day the milk truck arrives and collects a quality product.

Milk is pre-filtered. It takes up to two hours to milk 60-80 cows. This is Lithuanian equipment that costs 250-300 thousand UAH. In past years in Lviv region 6 of those milking parlors worked on the cooperative farms. This year there will be 20.

“One cow produces 15 liters of milk per day; we aim to reach 20 liters. We balance forages: along with grasses, we add haylage, feed. The pasture is divided into 12 corrals, each of which has water pipe system (3 km), and water is automatically supplied to the water troughs. Again, the Canadians helped with the pipes, drinkers were purchased at our own expense. Today, there are 75 cows in the cooperative, but the area of pasture is designed for more than a hundred of heads. There are such breeds as Simmental, Jersey and Red Holstein. Milk from the cows of these breeds has a high fat content. 

If everything develops and generates income, then over time we can think about our own processing plant. Today, the cooperative collaborates with Sambirskiy dairy plant. I wouldn’t say that we received a high price, but pulled those who, by giving milk received less. Now, if the milk matched the quality (and this is overseen by an independent laboratory, where we bring the milk to check), we would push the plant to pay more. Now sell milk at the price of 6 UAH 50 kopecks per 1 liter”, adds the initiator of the cooperative movement on Zhidachov district Nikolay Bogov.

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