Новый молочный мир: глобальное потепление или холодная война?
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This was stated by the Chairman of the State service of Ukraine on food safety and consumer protection Vladimir Lapa on radio "Voice of the capital".

"If these are the official food markets, and we are talking about the lack of effectiveness of the monitoring and laboratory studies, then definitely you need to complain to the State service of Ukraine on food safety and consumer protection. And if it's unauthorized trading — it is worth turning to the police," — said Vladimir Lapa. 

According to him, consumers buying products on the spontaneous markets must be aware of all the risks: "Consumers must have certain awareness and culture. People need to understand that if you're buying from the ground, then it is extremely difficult to rely on the safety of products. Because if you buy fruit and vegetables at these markets — it is more or less acceptable but to buy dairy products, meat, fish is, to put it mildly, quite risky, especially in the heat."

According to him, products should be sold on specially equipped food markets that have refrigeration equipment and provide quality control. On such markets, there are experts, who check the products starting with meat and fish, finishing with cereals and fruit.

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