Новый молочный мир: глобальное потепление или холодная война?
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This opinion was expressed by the President of the Association of farmers and private landowners Ivan Tomich.

"In Ukraine, about 25-30% of the dairy plants are unprofitable, as in our country there are very long routes for milk collection. In addition, there is very little milk. It is collected from different parts of the country, so there are no big parties for supplies. In private farms there is a lot of milk that do not meet the quality standards, which greatly complicates logistics," said Ivan Tomich. 

According to him, one shouldn’t expect the rise in price of dairy products.

"Prices for dairy products in the retail trade are at the limit of the possible. And if the companies raise the cost of the product, there will be a decrease in purchasing power. The consumption of dairy products will fall anyway, as most Ukrainians can't afford to buy it. So raising prices will not lead to a positive result," he says. 
The expert noted that now, the villagers sell a liter of milk for less than UAH 4 or even refuse to sell it.

"This is an additional problem in order to provide the processing enterprises with sufficient quantity of raw milk", — concluded Ivan Tomich. 

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