Есть ли в Украине проблема фальсификата? Есть. Такая ли она ужасающая, как кажется? — разбирается The DairyNews
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The members of the cooperatives said that a dairy cooperative must have its own material and technical base, have informed in Department of agroindustrial development of Poltava regional state administration.

In order to start a dairy cooperative, first and foremost, one will need a milk collection point (MCP).

"This means that it will be necessary to invest in premises. In this case, these costs will fall on the costs of services in the form of depreciation. Otherwise, one will need to rent premises. But then the costs will fall in the cost of renting," – said the Director of Poltava regional agricultural Advisory service "SOVET" Svetlana Andriyenko. 

It is also necessary to buy or rent a cooling tank and the corresponding laboratory equipment, to supply water and electricity.

It will be necessary to purchase own vehicles and work out the logistics (to make rational schemes and routes for milk collection). It is important to maximize the use of available specialized transport.

When MCP starts to work, there will be costs for electricity, cleaning supplies, consumables. But they all are components of success of the cooperative, because the high price of milk is the result of, primarily, thorough work on improving the quality of milk that is received by MCP.

"Really, it happened that all the factors in five regions around Poltava contributed to unification of the desperate, deceived purveyors of milk of rural residents to carry out joint economic activities. But for farmers a dairy cooperative is not just the possibility of permanent selling of milk at a fair price, but also a chance to feel like real entrepreneurs," explains Svetlana Andriyenko.

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